Our Church Structure

During 2009 there was a discussion in our church about the structure of leadership and committees.  From that discussion came a new concept of ‘no stuckees’.  In the past, many people volunteered to serve on committees simply because there was a need and not necessarily because it was their passion. 

In a word, they felt stuck. Worse yet – sometimes they were chairperson of that committee and therefore served on Church Council as well.

‘No stuckees’ meant the leadership would reduce from a church council model of approximately 10-15 committee chairs to four ministry leaders  — 

Worship, Disciplining, Reaching Out, Stewardship,  and they would oversee teams related to their area of ministry.  The teams created could be long-term or just for a particular project.  People can move in or out of teams as their time, passion, and gifts allow. 

The four ministry leaders, along with the Pastor and Moderator,  serve as the church’s Support Team. The Representative Council is made up of approximately 10 percent of the active members.  Their job is to be the eyes and ears of the congregation. They meet with the Support Team four times a year to hear updates and upcoming events related to ministry and mission.  They also give guidance and share ideas they might hear from the congregation.

And the final member we rely on is the Holy Spirit, who is allowed to move freely about the church inspiring and encouraging anyone and everyone to do ministry and mission work they are inspired to do – without being a ‘stuckee’.