Our Ministries

Our Sunday morning services and special seasonal offerings, as well as life-cycle ceremonies such as weddings and memorial services, are all in the context of Christian worship.

Learning and growing in faith is an essential part of our church’s community. We offer programs, activities and groups of all kinds for all ages.

Our mission statement affirms that “we come together in the name of Jesus Christ to worship, pray, learn, and serve.” In so many ways, these four actions are entwined.

Our mission is to promote stewardship as a year-round practice of giving and dialog, using and sharing each of our incredible blessings to further our relationship with God.

Welcome To DCC

We are a church that welcomes all, regardless of mental status, immigration status, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, class, age, marital status, family structure, or physical ability. We are a community of faith that views itself as just one inclusive household within the vast family of God’s beloved humanity, all of whom were made in God’s image.

We welcome everyone who seeks to be in a relationship with God and nurture their spiritual understanding by walking this journey of faith in an accepting, caring, and loving community of mutual support

Who We Are

We are a strong and energetic congregation filled with members who are open to new ideas while balancing the traditional aspects of our New England heritage.


Deerfield Community Church is made up of a vibrant, faith-filled congregation whose top priority has always been and will continue to be caring for our local community.


From holiday gatherings to community events, check out our photo gallery of our members.


Every week the DCC office sends out an “electronic news bulletin,” colloquially known as the eDCC. Upcoming Sunday service information, ongoing book studies, reaching out and youth projects, and events all are covered, as well as the birthdays and anniversaries of our members. For some who are too far away to attend services, this is the perfect way to keep up with all that’s going on in our church. News items can be submitted for inclusion by emailing or calling the church office.


The DCC calendar is updated regularly, with scheduled church meetings, events and services. Included are all community events that may be taking place on our Great Room, parlor or sanctuary.

Pastor’s Ponderings

My greatest joys in ministry are encouraging all people to know that they are God’s beloved children, and sharing thanks and praise to God in worship.

The Wider Church

Since 1983, our church has been a member of the national denomination the United Church of Christ (UCC)

God Sightings

“God Sightings.” are moments when we experience God in unexpected ways. We see them in the beauty of nature and in our members.

Spirit on the Move

Whether it’s raising both awareness and money to help alleviate hunger in the world, or making dresses for children across the globe, our members are always reaching out to help others